The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness

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The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness

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God invites every young man to a life of awesomeness, but most guys miss out. They settle for fantasy adventures and fake women, wasting their days with their eyes glued to a screen. Using a few words, some great illustrations and dozens of video clips, this guide will help you find a life worth living. It also answers the questions that many young men are asking:

*If God wants me to live an awesome life, why am I so bored?

*What’s the big deal with porn?

*When is the right time to start dating?

*Why should I save sex for marriage?

*How can I start building an awesome life today?

Whether you are 13 or 23, this guide will help you to avoid some of the land mines that young men typically step on. It will point you towards the awesome, exciting, passionate life that God has planned for you.

THE BOOK RELEASES ON MAY 15, 2017. It will be available here and at

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