About You

Whether you are managing your family, leading your church, or being an influence in your community, you know that something isn’t right in our world. And you know that you have an Imperfect and Normal Family. 

You want to see relationships thrive but you realize that there are so few people having success. Marriages seem lifeless, kids are aimless, and the culture we’re living in is obviously broken. You want to believe that there is a model for the perfect family but you haven’t found it yet.

Like the child who finally declared, “the emperor has no clothes,” you want to scream that there has to be a better way to help our families navigate the culture. Perhaps you have even experienced some significant brokenness in your own family life. You have been discouraged. You may have seen enough ugly to make you want to give up altogether.  

We get you. Because we are you. 

We have been doing family long enough to know that there are no magic formulas or easy answers to getting this right. We have tried them all. If someone tells you that they have found the irrefutable secret to family success, run away! They simply aren’t being honest. 

Along your journey, there will be good days and bad days. Fortunately, there is a God who wants to walk through your days with you. He is for you and He is with you. God wants to lead you to discover His very best for your Imperfect & Normal Family and trust that His grace is sufficient even when things don’t work out like you plan (which they rarely do). 

Does this sound like you? Then welcome to INFO for Families! We’re glad you found us.

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