Navigating a Hyper-Sexualized Culture

Whatever God creates to give us the most joy are the very things that our world distorts to cause the most pain in our lives. This is certainly true of human sexuality.

Consider this… 

  • Most kids are exposed to porn while still in elementary school.

  • Nearly one-third of 13-15 year olds have had sex.

  • More than half of teens who begin dating at 14 will lose their virginity by the time they graduate.

  • By the time they turn 19, 70% of teenagers have had oral sex.

  • 80% of Christian singles in their 20's are sexually active.

  • Research shows a strong correlation between premarital sex and eventual marital failure.

Today’s children and teens are bombarded with a distorted view of human sexuality. Schools and churches are ill-equipped to help kids to develop healthy opposite sex relationships and to understand all that God designed sex to be. Kids are counting on their parents to help them to navigate these critical developmental years. 

Most parents sense that something is wrong with the culture, but few know what to do about it. Many are paralyzed because of their own past failures. They don’t know how and when to start talking with their kids about sex and relationships. They hope that their kids enter marriage with a healthy view of sex, but they are unsure of how to help them get there without a bunch of baggage from past mistakes. 

How can INFO for Families help?

Depending on the ages of your kids, you might want to start by checking out the five developmental checklists we have created for parents They represent a simple place to start coaching your kids. Simply give us the email you want us to send it to and it will be on it’s way.

For further reading, we recommend that you get your hands on The Talks. It has been designed to help parents develop a strategy for equipping their kids to navigate our hyper-sexualized culture. Or visit our STORE for a variety of tools that might help.

Our Critical Conversations event serves as a great way to equip the parents in your church or school. This workshop covers many of the issues addressed in The Talk(s) and covers both “what to know” and “what to do” to help our kids make wise choices. Parents leave with the tools they need to have ongoing conversations about physical changes, dating, porn, social media and God’s awesome design for sex. It is great for parents of teenagers but ideal for parents of elementary and middle school kids.

We invite you to use our booking form to inquire about us speaking to your group. 

Contact us at if you have a unique need in your family that might require some personalized coaching.