#MeToo Has Changed Everything for Our Sons

Most adults are following the many news stories related to the #MeToo movement. We know that there has been a significant shift within our culture regarding what is appropriate behavior for men as they interact with and even pursue the women in their lives.

But what about our teen guys? How will they know what is expected of them? And how does the porn (that 70% of them are regularly looking at) affect how they view women?

The Today Show just produced a story about these issues and more. Corespondent Maria Shriver interviews a group of college age guys to see how the changes in our world have impacted them. It is worth a watch.

What came up more than once is the reality that these conversations need to start very early with our boys….like in middle school. Parents need to begin these talks sooner rather than later.

Just so you know, The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness is our book designed to do exactly that. It’s a fun and easy read that gets your son thinking about how to be the right kind of man. The subtitle captures it well: “How to Guard Your Heart, Get the Girl, and Save the World.”

Anyway, watch the video from The Today Show. Then order the book for your son. It will get him thinking about these critical issues before he has the chance to do something foolish.

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Barrett JohnsonComment