Dear Mom of a Teenage Daughter

If you ask ten moms with teenage daughters about their biggest parenting challenge, probably nine of them would tell you the same thing. 

Talking about sex is challenging.

It's scary, difficult, and uncomfortable. It's also incredibly important. Your girls need to know about physical changes, relationships, growing up, sexual feelings, boundaries and everything in between. And because our kids are growing up in a hyper-sexualized culture that is changing at a rapid pace, we can't afford to drop the ball on this one. 

I.N.F.O. for Families was created because we know that parents struggle with having these critical conversations. Our goal is to provide resources that help families to "tee up" these talks. Parents who take advantage of these tools find that they are able to successfully start coaching their kids.

Three years ago, we wrote The Talks to give parents a "big picture" view of many of the important issues that they need to talk about. It has helped tens of thousands of families to get a plan.

Parents Want Even More Help

While The Talks met a need, parents told us that they needed something that would hold their hand through the process. In response, we released The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness about four months ago. It's a book that teen boys can read (and parents can talk about with them).

Within weeks of it's release, I got hundreds of responses with two main themes. The first was, "Thank you! It's just what we needed." The other was, "What do you have for girls?" At the time, I didn't have a good answer for response number two. Now I do. 


Sheila Wray Gregoire is a good friend of our ministry. She and her twenty-something daughters have just released an amazing new resource for moms and daughters. 

The Whole Story is a video-based course for moms to talk to their daughters about sex, puberty, and growing up. It comes with teaching audios from Sheila for moms, but the bulk of the videos are by her daughters (aged 20 & 22) talking to YOUR daughters. Then there are checklists, discussion questions, and mother-daughter activity ideas that help moms continue the conversations.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry what your daughter's school (or friends) tells them about sex. What would it be like to stop worrying about tripping over your words when talking about sex? What if you found that doing this was low-stress and actually a fun and memorable experience!? That's what The Whole Story offers to moms and their daughters. 

Sheila is brilliant and her girls take on the role of "big sisters" as they coach and encourage your daughters. Rebecca is a Psychology graduate and the author of the brand new book, Why I Didn’t Rebel: A 22-year-old explains why she stayed on the straight and narrow and how your kids can too!  Katie started a YouTube channel at 16 to get a boy’s attention. She’s now forgotten who he is - but she has 40,000 fans who tune in to hear her thoughts on what it means to live out your faith authentically in today’s culture. 

The bottom line is that I trust Sheila and her daughters. I think they have created a much-needed course that will help moms and daughters (finally) have some important talks about growing up. 

The Whole Story comes in two versions: one for 10-12 year old girls, and one for 13-15 year old girls. You can buy either one or both of them during a special VIP window that is open for the next week. Each study costs about the same as two books, but your daughter is probably more likely to work through the videos built into the course than they are to read a couple of books. So it's so worth it!

At INFO for Families, we are committed to helping families have these important conversations. We desperately want the next generation to get this right. Sheila and her daughters have created an amazing tool and we would love for you to take advantage of it!

Barrett JohnsonComment