Sex Makes You Stupid (Video)

Something powerful happens to you when you fall in love. Whether fell for your partner many years ago or you're in a new love right now, you can probably relate to those universal feelings of attraction and connection and even obsession.

It has always been assumed that those feelings are rooted in human emotions, but scientists and social researchers are talking more and more about the chemical dimension of love. 

Oxytocin, known by some as the "bonding chemical," is generated in our bodies when we have intimate physical contact with a romantic partner. It provides an emotional, relational connection. This is one of the reasons that hugs, kisses, and especially sexual intimacy connects you so powerfully to another person. 

Unfortunately, oxytocin doesn't have any judgment or discernment skills. It has the power to emotionally bond you with someone who is bad for you in every way. Sexual intimacy can cause you to keep returning to a bad relationship, even when everything else screams that you should run. 

Put simply, sex has the power to make you stupid. My theory is that many people stay in bad relationships because the physical dimension they share is keeping them together. 

I had the chance to discuss this in a video interview I did with Tracey Levinson of The Blaze. 

To see the short video, click here or on the image below. 

Barrett JohnsonComment